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Swartz Weil Van Der Merwe Greenberg Inc. Attorneys was formed in August 2017, following the dissolution of Phillip Silver Swartz Inc.

SWVG Inc. is a unique law firm offering a basket of legal services, with all of its professionals being passionate about the law, focused on what they do and results driven. Unlike other law firms, SWVG Inc. is in it for the win and not simply to bill clients, and has become known as one of the foremost litigious and commercial firms in South Africa.

The attorneys have carried on with their impeccable record akin to the past, with SWVG Inc. outplaying their opposition on all fronts. Client testimonials clearly serve to show the exception service provided by SWVG Inc.

The team at SWVG Inc. were all previously directors and associates at Phillip Silver Swartz Inc. and have a long history of working together. Our associate and candidate attorneys come up through the ranks where they are trained by directors to become the best attorneys possible. Visit OUR PEOPLE to learn more about the 'pack' that makes up SWVG Inc.

Our People

Symbol of the Wolf

When Swartz Weil Van Der Merwe Greenberg Incorporated commenced, we thought long and hard as to what would be an appropriate symbol encapsulating the ethos and spirit of the firm and our people.

The origin of the symbol of SWVG Inc. is reference to the manner in which we approach the law, where in complex cases there are two or more attorneys who have carriage of a matter to ensure lengthy debate when it comes to strategy, as law is not linear and this is what separates SWVG Inc. from the rest.

The wolf was chosen as our symbol as we run in a pack and in which pack we consider our clients and our counsel to be a part of.

The attorneys at SWVG Inc. show no fear, work in teams, pursue their opponent and are adaptable to their environment and situations, never backing down from a fight.

At SWVG Inc. we show no fear and are adept in all areas of the law, having experience in matters ranging from criminal, competition, commercial, divorce and constitutional. Visit our SERVICES page to get full details of the full range of services that SWVG Inc. has to offer.

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Code of the Wolf

Code of the Wolf
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