SWVG Conveyancers and Notaries is a law firm that focuses on all property-related legal advice and general conveyancing and notarial practice.

Our focus is on making a difference to all of our clients by providing legal advice and assistance of a high quality on time and within budget.

We at SWVG Conveyancers and Notaries have a three-pronged approach to offer you, the valued client, a unique tailored service offering that is guaranteed to satisfy your needs.

Our value proposition is based on the following tenets:

Develop – We believe that in mentoring, capacitating and empowering our staff to ensure that knowledge is always shared. Our staff are always kept abreast with the latest trends and developments. By following this basic principle, a deeper understanding of a client’s issue is always achieved. We adopt an open-door policy with clients and our staff and we believe firmly that this defines our firm and ensures that we offer clients a unique service offering. As knowledge is the currency today, we share knowledge on various platforms such as articles, seminars and courses.

Excel – We pay attention to detail when taking all of the instructions and strive to provide the most appropriate advice and actions. We always undertake to guarantee service excellence. We will ensure that you are updated regularly. It is not a part of our ethos to simply register your matter at the Deeds Office and wait for a course of action. We pride ourselves on being proactive and having your best interests at heart.

Prosper – We echo the code of the wolf created by our partner firm SWVG Inc. which is mirrored in the logo. Essentially, this code underlines our modus operandi of running in a pack and pursuing the opponent. The end result is to ensure that your best interests are protected. Contrary to the well-known story of the big bad wolf, we are the wolves that will help you to rebuild your house – bricks, cement, approved building plans, contracts and all.

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